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Our Culture

Our company culture speaks to who we are, the type of agent we attract, and how we are perceived by the consumer of real estate services. We focus on what is really needed to successfully partner with agents to assure their success. That is, client-centric marketing, comprehensive technologies, automated systems and an inspirational culture.

Our comprehensive proprietary platform puts the latest technology at your fingertips, all in one place. Our multifaceted approach to training and support is designed to make all things easier for today’s busy agent. Our all-inclusive business model is affordable and flexible.

Mission Statement

With 36 years of experience as an accomplished and award-winning realtor; It would be an honor bestowed upon me to have the opportunity to teach and share with you the many business strategies which will make a difference in your real estate career. But before doing so, there are fundamental beliefs that I must share, to not only empower you, but to guide you in the right path

It is my firm belief that it does not matter who you are, where you come from, what you know or don’t know, or even your education level. At NextHome Real Estate Executives we will activate, empower and awaken you with positivity and enthusiastic energy which will kick start your real estate career and your life in whole to the next level. You will experience a burning desire within you which in turn will motivate and inspire you to achieve the goals that you aspire. The focus becomes you; and what you actually are capable of; which I can guarantee is more then you ever believed.

It is your divine right to be prosperous, financially independent, healthy and above all, happy and content. We sincerely encourage you to take control and direction of your future and destiny. NextHome Real Estate Executives are committed to coach, train, and teach you the lessons and techniques that will make the difference in your life and career. I challenge and encourage you to take this journey with us and be a part of our team. After all, we are more than just a brokerage firm; we are a culture. A culture that offers you continued support, friendship, achievements and success. Together we can make this happen.

– James Madalone, Broker/Owner of NextHome Real Estate Executives


Our Broker

As a professional real estate broker associate, James Madalone has consistently been part of top 1% real estate professionals in the industry and has averaged at least one home sale every seven days for the past three decades. 36 Years of expertise.

James Madalone is a licensed Broker in Florida and a Broker Associate in NJ. He is also a registered Notary Public in NJ and Florida. In addition, James’s career accomplishments include the successful movement of over 2100 families to their homes, totaling approximately a half-billion dollars worth of sales.

Among the long list of James Madalone’s areas of expertise are working with relocation buyers; public, communication and negotiating skills; land specialist representing both buyers and sellers. Others include being a specialist in marketing and selling multi-million dollar luxury homes and all other price ranges in the real estate industry; new construction; commercial properties; short sales; real estate consultant; foreclosures and all other matters pertaining to real estate. Likewise, James Madalone is highly experienced and offers in-depth knowledge in sales of several single home residential sub-divisions and new construction condo/ townhome subdivisions. James Madalone has the qualifications, experience and training to mentor and coach his associates so that they may accomplish and succeed in the real estate industry.

Over the course of an exciting career, James has worked for top real estate franchise and non-franchise companies. He has garnered significant experiences, and is well-trained and versed in management training. In the 1990’s, he developed a motivational and inspirational program/seminar on how to make huge achievements and thrive in the real estate industry. This program he taught and shared for several years. As an ordained minister and notary public, James has spearheaded several teaching and training groups, and interestingly, took no funds from any of them. In fact, some events were designed by him to raise money for local charities.

James was also part of many life-changing media such as Anthony Robbins seminars, Dale Carnegie public relations, negotiation and public speaking seminars as well as communication (oral and written) seminars. He also attended several renowned training and workshops including those facilitated by Brian Tracey, Less Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, as well as the Sweathog program which was owned and trained by the renowned keynote speaker, Floyd Wickman, CSP, CPAE, and National Speakers Association Hall of Fame keynote speaker. In the Sweathog program, James enjoyed the privilege and maximized the benefits of having a quality one-on-one training and coaching with Floyd Wickman for public speaking concerning real estate. Another of James’ trainers was Ed Escobar, who also taught and coached him throughout the Sweathog seminars and the entire program. James once revealed a funny but inspiring story during his time at the Sweathog program. His words:

“In 1988, when I took the Sweathog program, Ed Escobar was my trainer. In the early days of the 11 weeks – 1 day a week course, Ed once asked if anyone is interested in making a bet. I signified interest and boldly placed a bet that I will make $100k in my 1st year in the real estate business. This was in 1988 when I had barely started my career, and then, the average selling price was about $130k a house. Ed agreed and said if I made $100k in my first year, he would pick my wife and me up in a stretch limo, alongside an expensive bottle of champagne, and take us out on an all-expense paid dinner at the Rainbow Room of the Rockafeller Plaza. A year later, a limo parked at the front of our home, picked my wife and I up and we went to eat dinner at the Rainbow Room. Since then, Ed Escobar never made another bet with me again, and we are still friends till today.”

At present, in search of fresher challenges and new terrain, James, like many others, relocated to Florida, Palm Beach County. There, he continued the pursuit of his professional interests, by facilitating the renowned NextHome Real Estate Executives. As the owner and broker of NextHome Real Estate Executives, James has leveraged his rich experience with his burning passion for the provision of quality real estate solutions, to direct the affairs of the West Palm Beach company successfully.

Our Office

We are located at the prestigious One City Plaza Building 801 S. Olive Avenue, suite 118 in West Palm Beach. Here at NextHome Real Estate Executives, we have cutting edge tools and state of the art technology so our agents can efficiently be more productive. Our office is designed to attract today’s realtor with our flexible model, all-inclusive services and efficient systems streamline operations for our agents to increase their income!

Our agents have the capability to print their fliers, brochures, listing presentations, CMA’s, buyer presentations, etc, all with a push of a button using soft and hard cover booklets. Our technology enables every NextHome agent to conduct business from their home, car, or any desired location as our agents are where the clients need them to be. Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned agent looking for a kickstart, NextHome Real Estate Executives is the place to be.

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Our Benefits


Our agent’s return on investment, along with superior technology, lower royalty and service fees, vendor selections, and other services are all designed to substantially drive down the costs for agents to pursue their careers.


In today’s mobile work environment, we know agents spend time with their clients at many locations. We provide technology to free our agents from being tethered to the office, so a desk fee is irrelevant.

Affordable & Flexible All-Inclusive Fees

Our Agent Fee Structure is as simple as you can get. We offer two models: a monthly flat rate fee or a gross commission income fee, with the ability to change plans with options to suit every associate’s needs. In either case, there are no surprises. And never any desk, office, or E&O (1st year). Period.

Integrated Technology

Achieved through custom in-house development and partnerships with creative product developers from around the country. Our technology, advertising, marketing, training and integrated systems are all part of the package. KV Core included!  Experience a comprehensive platform and full set of services all in one place. Leverage technology and maximize efficiency through easy-to-use systems.


Leads are generated from a variety of sources that we provide to you, including your personal website Features Listings program, Mobile Connect, Trulia Profile and Reach 150 profile – all with no referral fees. We are about providing quality leads, not quantity or time-consuming leads.

Comprehensive Marketing

Beautiful signage, high quality presentation folders, listing presentation book covers, CORE Present CMA software, agent websites, drip email campaigns, DocuSign integration, mobile connect technology, and other collateral marketing materials at your fingertips with one single login.

Free Business Cards

When you join us, we provide you with your first order of company business cards.

No Sign-Up Fees

You don’t have to pay NextHome to join our firm. We cant believe this actually exists.

Mobile Technology

Life is on the move and real estate happens everywhere. Transact, market, and execute your business anywhere, anytime. And to make it even easier, our technology, advertising, marketing, and training are all integrated … and part of the package. Experience a comprehensive platform and full set of easy–to-use services all in one place.

National Listing Distribution

At NextHome your listings will syndicate to hundreds of different websites. The power of our National Listing Distribution program gives your listings unparalleled exposure to all key homebuyer web search sites and the best opportunity to sell your listings fast, for the highest price possible.


On-demand, web based and live training on our programs and services. Communicate directly with a live NextHome corporate support staff person that is focused on responding promptly and accurately to your questions. Or, ask your broker!

No Floor Time

Because there is no floor! Aside from referrals, in many cases, buyers and sellers find their prospective agents online. That is where you should be to greet them. Our programs assure your strong presence online.

Agent Websites

No more trying to figure out how to do this yourself. We’ve got you covered with easy to implement templates and how to videos. Get the website traffic you deserve with our fully integrated system.

Cloud-Based CMA

Our state-of-the-art CMA system enables you to create stunning presentations, Buyer Tours, Property Reports and Fliers in minutes. Arrive at your listing appointments with the most comprehensive data and impressive presentation tools.

Paperless Office

Go completely paperless by using your own e-Sign and Transaction Rooms by DocuSign. Now you can go on vacation and complete your contracts remotely!

Client-Centric Branding

Design and branding created with consumers at the core. Connect and resonate with your clients through a fresh culture, enticing design and meaningful brand.


Knowledge is power and essential to agent success. Our agents stay ahead of new technologies, consumer trends, transactional shifts and more through progressive products and training provided by NextHome and hands-on mentoring. NextHome offers consistent webinar training online as well as video training. One on one training and coaching is available to all associates who would like a jump start in their career by Broker/Owner James Madalone.

Our Technology & Marketing


Inside NextHome

An inside look at the NextHome difference. We share how our model is all-inclusive, and show you the products, services, tools, technology and more that will give you the edge to grow local marketshare.


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NextHome Real Estate Executives

Broker/Owner: James Madalone
Email: soldbyjames9@gmail.com
Address: 801 S. Olive Avenue, Suite 118, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 561.373.5114
Website: nhree.com

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